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  1. My Top 10 Romance Picks

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    December 26, 2018 by readingoutside

    A list of the ten romances I am most excited about

  2. How to Stop Time

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    October 11, 2018 by readingoutside

    A really interesting title that deserves wider discussion.

  3. Moxie

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    August 6, 2018 by readingoutside

    A wonderful primer in how to “do feminism”

  4. A Dangerous Crossing

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    June 24, 2018 by readingoutside

    An exotic adventure with lots of juicy secrets and affairs.

  5. 36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You

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    March 26, 2018 by readingoutside

    Opens with two very unlikable protagonists and dares you to scratch the surface and figure out who they are underneath.

  6. The Jane Austen Project

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    March 14, 2018 by readingoutside

    Love triangles! Duel challenges! Secret engagements! Pelisses!

  7. Yours, Truly

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    February 18, 2018 by readingoutside

    I enjoy books about communities, and the Truly Lovejoy books have them in spades.

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