Sunday Screen Time: Aggretsuko

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May 13, 2018 by readingoutside


Aggretsuko (short for Aggressive Retsuko) is a new Netflix show based around the Sanrio character. Retsuko is a 25-year-old working girl in Tokyo and has a really crappy boss and annoying co-workers. To let off steam, her secret freak is to sing karaoke death metal. The scenes where she transitions from an adorable red panda to raging metal monster are hilarious.


“May lightning strike my enemies!”

Retsuko has an absolutely horrible boss: he’s literally a sexist pig. He is Retsuko’s main antagonist through the short, 10-episode series. Her other co-workers include Fenneko, a highly observant fennec fox, Haida, a dopey hyena who has a crush on Retsuko, and Tsunoda, a cloyingly sweet, sycophantic gazelle who irritates everyone. The office also has two badass females whom Aggretsuko looks up to: Gori, a gorilla, and Washimi, a secretary bird. They befriend Retsuko as the series goes on and the three characters act as sounding boards of advice for each other’s careers and love lives.

This show definitely geared toward adults, and it is surprisingly observant about the irritations, barriers, and harassment women have to face in their careers. There are certainly times when I wish I could rage out to some death metal like Retsuko. This series seems to be gaining a following, and I look forward (like I did earlier with Kantaro) to more seasons being added to Netflix.




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