Big Mushy Happy Lump

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March 30, 2018 by readingoutside


I am a huge fan of Sarah Anderson’s comic Sarah’s Scribbles so it’s no surprise I thoroughly enjoyed her latest compilation Big Mushy Happy Lump. (The first one was called Adulthood is a Myth and she has a new one, Herding Cats, coming out soon). Sometimes I think Sarah has a window into my introverted, highly sensitive, anxious mind. Whether she’s celebrating the coziness of a stolen man-sweater or describing what it’s like when your uterus takes a chainsaw to your stomach, she is always spot-on.


Me, every damn time

What makes this book worth buying (as opposed to, you know, reading it for free online) is the bonus comic essays Sarah has included, which feature more insight into her social anxiety, how she became a cat person, and the fine art of becoming a sweater thief.

The drawings are cute and wonderfully expressive, and poke gentle fun at the overthinking we women tend to do so much of.  There’s so much to relate to here, that if you haven’t checked out Sarah’s Scribbles yet, you need to do so now!



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