Yours, Truly

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February 18, 2018 by readingoutside


Yours, Truly is the second book in the Truly Lovejoy series by Heather Vogel Frederick (The Mother-Daughter Book Club).  It continues to be a worthy successor to the fabulous (and sadly concluded) MDBC books, which is set in the same fictional world, albeit starring a different cast of characters in a different state.

Yours, Truly begins just after the events of the last book, with Truly having solved a mystery set in her new town of Pumpkin Falls, New Hampshire. Now it’s Spring Break, Truly is turning thirteen, and the town is in the midst of Maple Syrup Madness. In typical Heather Vogel Frederick fashion, there’s a lot of characters to keep straight and a lot of subplots going on. The main thread of the book involves Truly and her cousin Mackenzie, who’s visiting from Texas, finding an old diary belonging to her ancestor which suggests their family was involved in the Underground Railroad. There’s also a maple syrup thief in town, the girls take knitting classes, swim team practice continues, and Truly gets in fights with her little sister and her cousin.  And oh yes, she gets kissed by a boy she doesn’t like, and doesn’t get kissed by the boy she does.

I listened to the book on audio again, which makes it difficult to keep the characters straight, but I am slowly getting there. (I still keep mixing up the town’s elderly ladies). The book was a lot of fun, and I’m enjoying the series and the mysteries. I enjoy books about communities, and the Truly Lovejoy books have them in spades.


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