A Lot Like Love

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September 26, 2017 by readingoutside

A Lot Like Love

I really enjoyed the first entry in Julie James’s FBI/US attorney series, so I was happy to listen to Book #2 on audiobook.  Karen White, who also read Something About You, was back in fine form.  The hero and heroine from Something About You also made several cameos in A Lot Like Love.  Yay!

Nick McCall, who works in the same FBI office as Jack Pallas from Book #1, is investigating a shady restaurateur who is tied up in the mob case that was a minor plot point from Book #1.  Said restauranteur, Xander Eckhart, is also one of Chicago’s richest businessmen.  In order to crash Xander’s exclusive wine party and plant bugs in his office, Nick has to enlist the help of  rich heiress/socialite Jordan Rhodes.  Jordan is a friend of Xander’s and is in the wine business herself.  In exchange, the FBI agrees to release Jordan’s brother Kyle from prison early.  It seems Kyle shut down Twitter in order to sabotage a cheating ex.  (The story is funnier than it sounds.  Kyle provides a lot of the book’s humour, especially as he gets razzed in prison about looking like Sawyer from “Lost.”)

Romances tend to fall into one of a handful of tropes, and this one is Lady and the Tramp.  Nick is a tough New York-Italian ex-cop, rough around the edges, and no frills.  Jordan seems like a pampered princess, but she’s actually pretty tough herself and tries to make it on her own without her family’s help.

Although A Lot Like Love didn’t quite hit the high-water mark of Something About You, it was pretty enjoyable on its own.  I definitely recommend reading #1 first, but you don’t have to.  I thought the wine talk was going to get annoying, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected.  It even gave me a new appreciation for wine tastings, even though I personally don’t like wine all that much.

Just one note to Julie James:  when is Agent Wilkins going to get his own book?  Huh?  You’ve had him as a side character now two books in a row and that guy is hilarious!  He needs to be the hero in his own story, damnit!


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