Monday Magazine: Tea Time

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July 2, 2017 by readingoutside


A friend of mine got me a subscription to Tea Time magazine a few years ago and I have been a loyal subscriber ever since.  The company that produces it also does Victoria and Southern Lady, so they are way into “elegance.”

I am not a huge fan of lifestyle magazines, since I find most of the “lifestyles” that are promoted to be pretty boring.  (I don’t really have the time or money to furnish my million dollar minimalist condo AND pay for an eco luxury hotel in Costa Rica).  However, there is something magical about the tea world they portray here.  Every page is a feast for the eyes, to be slowly savoured much like a cup of tea.  In tea time, every season is honoured with classy themed china and dainty sandwiches and desserts.  Reading this magazine is like being transported to a genteel era of calm elegance.  You can almost smell the rich scents of jasmine and bergamot steeping in a cup.

Camellia Rose035JOH

I shall have one of everything, Jeeves

Besides recipes, the magazine usually features some form of tea etiquette, fancy tea rooms around the U.S. and the world, different aspects of tea history and upcoming tea events.  It was through this magazine that I discovered the Tea Expo in Toronto, and a friend and I had an amazing weekend at the Reference Library, sampling teas and watching a traditional tea ceremony.

One caveat: the website to buy or renew subscriptions is terrible, and trying to purchase an international subscription as a Canadian is an exercise in misery and frustration.  You’re better off buying it directly from the newsstand.  And if you only buy one issue, the Christmas one can’t be beat.


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