Open Season

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June 12, 2017 by readingoutside

Open Season

This is a romantic suspense from 2001, a light read that was what I needed during a tiring cross-country move.  I got it at a used book store mainly for two reasons: the heroine is 34 and a librarian (the same as me).

The story starts with a dark opening involving human trafficking that does not reflect the tone of the rest of the book, which is “quirky southern makeover story.”  I found the writing and characterization pretty clunky and cliched at first.  Daisy, the heroine, didn’t strike me as particularly likeable.  She’s pretty rude to the town’s chief of police (the hero), when he comes to the library for help.  The plot also took a heck of a long time to warm up.  I enjoyed the makeover scenes and eventually started enjoying the love story.  I breezed through the mostly enjoyable ride to the end.  I would probably have said I enjoyed it more when I was reading it than I do looking back now.

My biggest beef is with the ending.  The cardinal rule of romance is that you must have a crisis between the hero and heroine that somehow separates them or causes the reader to doubt their happy-ever-after.  There was none of that here.  There was never any doubt about the hero and heroine’s feelings for a moment.  There wasn’t even any moment when they were in actual danger!  Everything wrapped up without a shred of drama or a nail-biting moment.  Such a flat ending felt like a huge let-down.  Where’s the suspense in this romantic suspense?


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