The Wicked City

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March 13, 2017 by readingoutside

the wicked city

The Wicked City tells the story of two New York women: Ella, recently divorced and moving into a new apartment in 1998, and Ginger, a tough-talking flapper in 1924.  There is a connection between the two but we don’t know what. The only hint we are given is that Ella’s apartment used to be Christopher’s, a speakeasy frequented by Ginger.

I love 1920s New York, and this book had more than a dash of the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries.  Ginger has a lot of dark family history but she’s full of gumption, and her brash ways contrast nicely with the upright, straight-arrow Prohibition agent she’s paired with.  There’s a romance in Ella’s timeline, too, but her story is much less interesting than Ginger’s.

I enjoyed this book but I felt it could have been shorter.  Some of the over-the-top descriptions felt forced and it did drag a bit in places, when the author went for melodrama over story.  But Agent Anson is pretty dreamy, and the story had plenty of action at the end.  This book felt right out of the Mary Stewart romantic suspense catalogue, and that’s not a bad thing.


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